How to Clean Your House FAST!

How to Clean Your House FAST!

Everyone wants to clean their house fast. There are so many better ways to spend your time. Whether it be productive or for pleasure, you can free up more time to do the things you love. You don’t need to spend an entire day getting to every surface of your home. You can get the same amount of work done in less time by doing proper planning and with the right tools.


  1. Make a plan

woman cleaning the kitchen

When you do things the same way every time, you will complete tasks much faster than going in without a plan. You can create a routine. If you follow this routine every time you won’t have to think about what needs to get done next. Instead, you can just power through without constantly checking in with yourself.


  1. Always clean from the top-down


What goes up must come down. Cleaning higher surfaces first is the most effective way to clean your home. This will keep you from knocking dust onto the floor you just washed. You will be saved from cleaning the same surfaces twice. This can save a lot of precious time!


  1. Buy a squeegee

window cleaning

It can be hard to get a streak-free clean on windows and mirrors. Paper towels can leave residue and don’t do the best job at giving you a streak-free shine on the first pass. Instead, use a bucket of water, a small amount of soap, a towel and squeegee to get the best shine. Run the cloth across the glass horizontally, top to bottom. Then, do the same with your squeegee. Remember to wipe off the squeegee between each pass.


  1. Plan ahead


There are some places you can stop messes before they arise. Know what the problem areas are and have products nearby to clean the mess when it happens. You can also use sprays for your shower, which prevent grime from forming. Many of these sprays don’t even require you to do any wiping. Just spray, rinse, and go watch your favorite show.


  1. Make a cleaning kit

cleaning kit

Gather the supplies you use most and put them in a tote. This will save you time looking for your favorite cleaning supplies around your home. Make sure to put them back when you are done. You can even set up a utility belt with various tools. Just put it on and go.


  1. Get the right tools


You will never be a speed cleaner without the right tools. This is important for both emergency clean-ups and your deep cleaning needs. A battery operated vacuum is helpful for small spills. You may also want something to clean upholstery and rugs, like a handheld steam cleaner. These tools will help you clean small messes up when you aren’t doing an all around clean. If you wait to clean them, they will set in and take more time to clean. Magic Erasers are great at cleaning every surface making them a great tool to keep on hand. They will cut through cleaning tasks that would normally take a lot of elbow grease.


  1. Use dry dusters whenever possible


Sure, you may need to use spray sometimes. If you can clean it with a swipe of a feather duster or swiffer pad, it will take you less time. It will also save you money on cleaning detergents. If you keep up with your dusting, you’ll spend less time doing it every time you clean.


  1. Let your microwave work for you

microwave cleaning

Microwaves can be hard to clean. The food gets cooked onto the surfaces and are hard to remove. Place a mug of water and bring it to a boil. The food stuck on the walls will absorb some of the moisture and come off much more easily.


  1. Clean as you go


To save yourself from doing a month’s worth of cleaning at once, make an effort to clean small areas once every couple weeks. By rotating different jobs, you will save yourself from time consuming deep cleans. It may be helpful to make a list for yourself and keep track of the areas you cleaned and when you cleaned them last. If you follow all of these steps, you will find yourself having an easier time keeping your home clean without spending an entire day getting it done.

Author | Siobhan McNamara Comments | Comments Off on How to Clean Your House FAST! Date | February 28, 2017

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