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How to Clean Your House FAST!

Everyone wants to clean their house fast. There are so many better ways to spend your time. Whether it be productive or for pleasure, you can free up more time to do the things you love. You don’t need to spend an entire day getting to every surface of your home. You can get the same amount of work done in less time by doing proper planning and with the right tools.


  1. Make a plan

woman cleaning the kitchen

When you do things the same way every time, you will complete tasks much faster than going in without a plan. You can create a routine. If you follow this routine every time you won’t have to think about what needs to get done next. Instead, you can just power through without constantly checking in with yourself.


  1. Always clean from the top-down


What goes up must come down. Cleaning higher surfaces first is the most effective way to clean your home. This will keep you from knocking dust onto the floor you just washed. You will be saved from cleaning the same surfaces twice. This can save a lot of precious time!


  1. Buy a squeegee

window cleaning

It can be hard to get a streak-free clean on windows and mirrors. Paper towels can leave residue and don’t do the best job at giving you a streak-free shine on the first pass. Instead, use a bucket of water, a small amount of soap, a towel and squeegee to get the best shine. Run the cloth across the glass horizontally, top to bottom. Then, do the same with your squeegee. Remember to wipe off the squeegee between each pass.


  1. Plan ahead


There are some places you can stop messes before they arise. Know what the problem areas are and have products nearby to clean the mess when it happens. You can also use sprays for your shower, which prevent grime from forming. Many of these sprays don’t even require you to do any wiping. Just spray, rinse, and go watch your favorite show.


  1. Make a cleaning kit

cleaning kit

Gather the supplies you use most and put them in a tote. This will save you time looking for your favorite cleaning supplies around your home. Make sure to put them back when you are done. You can even set up a utility belt with various tools. Just put it on and go.


  1. Get the right tools


You will never be a speed cleaner without the right tools. This is important for both emergency clean-ups and your deep cleaning needs. A battery operated vacuum is helpful for small spills. You may also want something to clean upholstery and rugs, like a handheld steam cleaner. These tools will help you clean small messes up when you aren’t doing an all around clean. If you wait to clean them, they will set in and take more time to clean. Magic Erasers are great at cleaning every surface making them a great tool to keep on hand. They will cut through cleaning tasks that would normally take a lot of elbow grease.


  1. Use dry dusters whenever possible


Sure, you may need to use spray sometimes. If you can clean it with a swipe of a feather duster or swiffer pad, it will take you less time. It will also save you money on cleaning detergents. If you keep up with your dusting, you’ll spend less time doing it every time you clean.


  1. Let your microwave work for you

microwave cleaning

Microwaves can be hard to clean. The food gets cooked onto the surfaces and are hard to remove. Place a mug of water and bring it to a boil. The food stuck on the walls will absorb some of the moisture and come off much more easily.


  1. Clean as you go


To save yourself from doing a month’s worth of cleaning at once, make an effort to clean small areas once every couple weeks. By rotating different jobs, you will save yourself from time consuming deep cleans. It may be helpful to make a list for yourself and keep track of the areas you cleaned and when you cleaned them last. If you follow all of these steps, you will find yourself having an easier time keeping your home clean without spending an entire day getting it done.

Author | Siobhan McNamara Comments | Comments Off Date | February 28, 2017

Guest Post: Carpet Steam Cleaner Reviews by Lori

Steam cleaners were once only used by commercial cleaning companies. They have been slowly released for home use and are companies are just starting to compete for the best spots. You can find many variations on the market today. There are uprights, canisters, portable spot cleaners, and even commercial models available for you to buy for your home. There are still only a few brands putting out these machines, but they all sell many varied models.


When you buy a carpet cleaner, you can do the work you would pay a company a lot of money to do. Sure, the machine is a big investment, but you will have cleaner carpets. Vacuuming alone can’t remove all of the grit trapped in the threads. This is why a carpet cleaner is important. It will remove what your vacuum can’t and extend the life of your rugs. Here is a list of a few of my favorite models and why I love them!


Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is on the top of Amazon’s bestseller list for good reason. It is an easy to use machine with the power to clean almost any surface you would want it to. It has power that can compete with the larger models, yet comes at a more affordable price. What really sets this machine apart is it’s many scrubbing brushes. Instead of using one or two scrubbers, like other models, it has several that scrub in alternating directions. This means it does a great job agitating the cleaning solution and making sure every angle is hit. It also has high power, so if there is a spill it will dry faster which will help with maintaining your vacuum.


The cleaning solution is kept in a separate tank. This allows you to control the amount of detergent used and to switch between wash and rinse settings easily. There is a dial on the front for changing this setting. It also has an 8-foot extension hose. This makes the machine easy to use on furniture and stairs. The Power Scrub comes with everything you need to tackle all of your washing needs, even the detergent!


Bissell Big Green Machine

Bissell Big Green Machine

This is a high quality carpet cleaning dream. It can compete with professional grade machines but it’s made for your home. It will give you a full clean without having to pass over your floors twice. It also includes a foldable handle and compatible extension hose. The tanks are much larger than conventional home carpet cleaners. This makes it perfect for people with wall-to-wall carpets. You won’t have to stop to refill the tank as much. The tanks are also removable to make it easier for you to refill.


Many users agree it cleans better than the leading rental machines. You can use it on carpets with years of built up gunk and walk away from like-new carpets. The 9-foot accessory hose can reach everywhere you need it to. It comes with a 6-inch nozzle to get hard to reach spaces. The Bissell Big Green Machine is a great choice for people who have gone years without getting their carpets cleaned. You’ll find it has some of the most positive of the carpet steam cleaner reviews out there.


Hoover All-Terrain Max Extract

Hoover All-Terrain Max Extract

The Hoover All-Terrain has a lot of power and flexibility. It can tackle carpets and hard sealed surfaces. This is a better choice than most models claiming to clean hard floors because it actually cleans them! Other brands can’t perform a true deep clean. They leave your carpet refreshed on the surface, but can’t reach deep set-in stains. It includes two sets of replaceable cleaning brushes for the head. One set gently scrubs hardwood, tile, and laminate without leaving scratches behind. The other uses harder brushes to agitate your rugs and give them a deep clean.


The Hoover MaxExtract also has auto rinse and heat features. This ensures no residue is left on your floors and reduces drying times. You can adjust the suction power with switches conveniently located on the top of the handle. Two great features are the separated water tanks and detergent compartment. Dirty water is kept separate from the clean water. This means you will get a better clean and not worry about spreading dirt around. For more hardwood cleaning solutions check out

Author | Siobhan McNamara Comments | Comments Off Date | March 4, 2017

Guest Post from Sarah: How to be a Happy Mum

Are you a happy mum? Being a mother is one of life’s greatest gifts. It is all too easy, however, to get caught up in the bad things and begin complaining. The little joys start becoming just another thing for you to clean up. You begin to look back and remember how cute and innocent your child was before they got the habit of tracking flour all through the house, and storing the silverware in the microwave. Before you become jaded, try some of these simple tips to being the happiest mom you can be.  


  1. Use liquids to your advantage


Drink a glass of water the minute you wake up. This will help you rehydrate after your two hours of sleep. Follow with a cup of coffee, more water, more coffee and close with your favorite wine.


  1. Get moving


Just because you are a mom now doesn’t mean you can’t get exercise! You need to get outside to stay sane, and fit. Some moms choose to buy a jogging stroller. Just think of the extra resistance training pushing a child or two offers! If you are lucky, a local gym may even offer childcare included with membership.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

girls nightout

Just because your child is your new full-time job, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vacation once in awhile. Even if it’s just for a few hours, that dinner date with the girls, or movie by yourself can keep you grounded and feeling refreshed.


  1. Keep up with your usual beauty routines


It may sound crazy, but you can have kids and wear eyeliner. Many moms do it! It will make you feel better about yourself and help you feel ready for whatever the day can handle. Be adventurous and try a new look. You will be able to find something to keep your kids safely occupied for the half hour it takes to keep your skin healthy and your face looking flawless.


  1. Don’t negotiate with toddlers

mother and daughter

If it’s nap time, it’s nap time. If it’s time for food, it’s food time. No matter how badly your child thinks they can get you to break these scheduled events, don’t budge. You need nap time just as much as your kid does. Keeping their body fed at the right times will also help them sleep when they are supposed to. Even when your child is too old for nap time, you can introduce a new event like movie time, or whatever will get them out of your hair so you can enjoy your time, your way.


  1. Join a playgroup, a class, or something else


The point of this tip is to just get out there with your child. It will help both you and your baby. Your child will be able to play and socialize with children, which is very healthy for their development. You get to commiserate with fellow moms, and maybe even trade playdates.


  1. Teach your child to play on their own

child playing with blocks

This isn’t just to give yourself more free time. Independant play also teaches them how to entertain themselves. They also develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. Offer them a range of toys that keep them engaged and they can use together. Building blocks are a great way for them to learn to build whatever they want, and are also fun to play with other playsets.    


  1. Treat yourself!


Take a little bit of time out of every day to do something for yourself. Even if it’s just twenty minutes, any little bit helps. It is sometimes hard to keep up with your favorite activities when you also have a child to chase around. Don’t feel guilty letting them spend some time without you.


  1. Keep supplies everywhere!


Have a booboo? Mom has a bandage. Oh, you need a snack? Mom has crackers. You spilled my coffee all over the carpet? Let me get the cleaning caddy. Happy moms don’t fret the small stuff and always have a plan. Keeping the supplies you need on hand will save you the stress of looking, and having to improvise.


  1. Be silly a little everyday


Even when your child does something out of this world, remember to laugh a little. Join the fun when it is appropriate. Just know when the fun is something you wouldn’t like to have repeated everyday. Your child wants to make you happy, and smiling, laughing, and goofing around will please them and keep you a happy mum.  


Author | Siobhan McNamara Comments | Comments Off Date | March 2, 2017
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